Move to Ghost by Will Acton / 09 May 2015

I have decided to move away from using static site generator Pelican in favor of the blogging platform Ghost. I decided to make the move for three reasons:

  1. I was tired of the workflow that I had settled into that required lots of building locally, then committing to github, then rebuilding on my server and copying files. I enjoy the workflow much more with Ghost, and the theming and configuration isn't as involved as some other blogging platforms.

  2. I wanted to create a new theme for the site, so it made sense to do it all in one go.

  3. I was playing with Ghost for a different project and decided I wanted to improve some things on it. Since I've also been looking for a good project to try and contribute to, and I've been mucking in Node.js for work and personal use, it seemed ideal. I figured if I was going to try and develop on it, I may as well use it.

My first order of business: see about a decent date picker for posts. Yeesh.